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China automotive oxygen sensor demand will increase dramatically

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Automotive oxygen sensor is the key sensing part of EFI engine control system, control of automobile exhaust emissions, reduce environmental pollution, the key parts of automobile engine combustion to improve fuel quality, the oxygen sensor is installed in the exhaust pipe of the engine. As one of the world's largest auto market, China also has a huge market for oxygen sensors.
Industry analyst pointed out: oxygen sensor at any time to detect the oxygen concentration in the exhaust, and at any time to the car's electronic control unit feedback signal. With the development of China's automobile production year by year, the demand of automotive oxygen sensor is increasing rapidly, so it is also encouraging the development of domestic automotive oxygen sensor technology.
At present, all countries in the world attach great importance to the research and innovation of automotive oxygen sensors. Oxygen sensor patents in the first number of automotive sensors, this development in China has gradually accelerated. In the past three years, we need to improve the oxygen sensor of the old car, there are 20 million, the annual production of new cars required oxygen sensors also more than 2 million. At the same time, the sensor technology is constantly breaking through and innovation. Now the new line was used in gasoline oxygen sensor, some new models in the three way catalytic converter (TWC) is installed behind the oxygen sensor, for the detection of TWC conversion efficiency, using hydrogen peroxide sensor.
The use of a large number of vehicles to promote the development of the economy and facilitate the people's lives and production, but also bring more serious exhaust pollution, energy shortages and other issues are becoming increasingly serious. In order to effectively promote the implementation of emission standards, the use of a large number of high-quality automotive oxygen sensor is essential. In the future, in the improvement of oxygen sensor technology, should focus on the improvement of the materials of the protective layer, improve the resistance to degradation, increase permeability, improve the oxygen sensor material environmental adaptability, prolong the service life of air / fuel ratio control of the measurement zone to expand, realize the measurement and control air / fuel ratio area.
Champoux consulting released "2014-2018 Chinese automotive oxygen sensor market survey report" shows: with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, with the development of automobile technology and manufacture craft of sensors, automotive oxygen sensor will continue to improve the development of its very broad prospects for development. In the future, the accuracy of the signal measured by the oxygen sensor will be improved to improve the control ability.

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