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Oxygen sensor maintenance and cleaning

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Oxygen sensor is a sensor feedback oxygen, it is installed in the vehicle exhaust system, for the detection of oxygen content in automobile exhaust, using oxygen value calculation of motivation during combustion of the air-fuel ratio, and the theoretical air-fuel ratio of 14.7 is compared, the lambda value (excess air coefficient).
Automobile exhaust detection usually provide lambda value, data between 0.99 ~ 1.04 is normal, indicating that the actual air to fuel ratio is normal, the engine combustion is sufficient. If the lambda value is less than 0.99, indicating that the mixture is too thick, the content of CO in the exhaust gas will increase, lambda >1.04 indicates that the mixture is too thin, HC emissions will exceed the standard. When the abnormal value of lambda, ECU will adjust the air intake, the value will be adjusted to 1 nearby, so that the engine fully combustion, reduce the harmful gas content in tail gas, reduce environmental pollution.
If the oxygen sensor failure, adjust the path of interruption, the engine can not be fully burned, there will be a decline in power, fuel consumption, exhaust odor, excessive emissions of air pollution, etc.. If it is not timely treatment, carbon deposition will be greatly increased, three yuan catalytic plug or even failure. It can be seen that the oxygen sensor is very important, it is the core component of the modern automobile closed loop control system.
The main component of the oxygen sensor is zirconia and the outer surface of porous platinum coating, working temperature and three yuan catalytic converter is similar, between 300-800 degrees celsius. The sensitivity of oxygen sensor is an important index to evaluate its working state.
Oxygen sensor failure usually has 3 forms: 1 overheating aging lead poisoning of 3 silica gel poisoning of carbon pollution of 4 by 2
Lead is the killer of the oxygen sensor and the three element catalytic converter, a box of leaded gasoline is enough to destroy them. A lot of intake pipe sealed with silicon, oxygen sensor is very easy to produce silicone poisoning, when the oxygen content of the oxygen sensor measured is low, ECU increase the air intake, resulting in high value, mixed gas, gas anomaly. More common is the heat aging, if the vehicle increased carbon emissions, abnormal, three waycatalytic blockage caused by back pressure, will cause excessive exhaust system temperature, if the temperature is above 800 degrees Celsius, the oxygen sensor and catalytic converters three yuan will overheat aging.
So how do oxygen sensors maintain?
Clean gasoline is a must, although we can not choose, followed by maintenance to avoid the use of silica gel as sealing material. The maintenance of oxygen sensor is generally connected with the three element catalytic converter, such as the copper King three yuan catalytic cleaning agent can be oxygen sensor and the same time the three catalytic converter cleaning. From a structural point of view, the oxygen sensor is installed in the three yuan before and after the catalytic converter (oxygen, oxygen), components are precious metals, the same working environment, the 2 are closely related, at the same time work, but also maintenance.
How to determine the oxygen sensor failure?
Measurement of the working voltage is the most effective method, the normal operating voltage between 0.6-1V, with the engine speed increases, the voltage will change, the rate of voltage change will be accelerated. If the voltage does not change or change slowly, the oxygen sensor has the possibility of failure. When the vehicle fuel consumption is abnormal, exhaust odor, slow speed, power down and other phenomena, it should check whether the oxygen sensor failure, or need to maintain the oxygen sensor.
If the oxygen sensor is fully implemented, the car into the open-loop control mode, will not be able to accelerate, power can not go up, even the dead fire phenomenon, only to the 60 speed, the throttle is useless and maintain for a period of time after the engine off.

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