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Review and Prospect of China IC market

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OFweek Electronic Engineering Network: This paper reviews the 2014 semiconductor industry market, analyzes the current status of the semiconductor industry, and makes analysis and Prospect on the 8 fields of smart grid, intelligent transportation, automotive electronics, satellite navigation, industrial control etc..
Throughout the last year, the electronics industry, there are a few key words can fit and report today is very good, the first is the last IC meaningful year, data from the point of view, China GDP over $one hundred thousand last year, this is an important juncture. China's IC industry and the market, the statistics down last year for the first time more than one trillion yuan, which is very large scale of 10393. At the same time, the design of integrated circuit industry last year is the first time we have billions, hundreds of billions, $one hundred thousand, it should be said that this also means that a few integer points, with the national strength, the domestic market demand of the industrial development in the synchronous development. Future look at the domestic market growth, it should be said to maintain an average annual growth rate of 8%, and the national GDP growth consistent. 2017 is expected to reach $200 billion huge market, the opportunity for the development of the domestic industry market development to provide a good platform for future development.
Explain the one trillion market size is what kind of concept, the integrated circuit industry China may become an important driving factor for the development of the future of the global semiconductor industry, China in the past 2000 is an important driving force for the global semiconductor industry development in the past 14 years, the global average annual growth rate of the semi conducting body is 3.6%, nearly 5% of the United States, Europe and Japan are very low 13%, the Asia Pacific is relatively high, depending on who is to promote the Asia Pacific China semiconductor market?. Last year, the size of 10393, accounting for more than 87% of the global market in the Asia Pacific region, more than 50% of the world, the global share of the market increased from 5% to 50%, China's IC market is the core of the world market.
Communicate with international counterparts, industrial policies to encourage means the integrated circuit has some closed factors? From several groups of data, over the past ten years Chinese integrated circuit is a highly open market, the whole market last year Chinese $1 trillion and 900 billion - before this set of data statistics on foreign companies have some access. The world's top 20 semiconductor companies, more than half from Chinese, can be said to China market has become the global semiconductor manufacturers the most important source of income, occupy the core position in the global market, in turn, but also for our domestic industry to form a huge space for development.
Over the past decade China has done very tired, why the Chinese market is developing very fast, and the industry is so tired to do so because of the demand structure of the decision. It is precisely at this time of the day, China's semiconductor market or the integrated circuit market needs structure and direction, is the country's relevant policies and the transformation and upgrading of the case of a major turning point. First of all, the one trillion yuan market, which constitutes part of the integrated circuit is mainly in the field of the application of the top three, computer, consumer, communications, these three areas accounted for a market share of 85%, which is a static point of view. Dynamic view, automotive electronics, industrial control, network communications, data from the point of view, and not stay in the oral, according to CCID Consulting, it should be said that all of the traditional industrial enterprises spontaneous transformation efforts to buy robots, CNC airport, to form a very large wave. The structure of the entire market demand, its power is changing in the past, consumer electronics, computers, like Europe and the United States talked about the so-called vertical market, industry application market to change.
Product structure point of view, it should be said that more than 10% market share of more than four categories, memory, etc., these products accounted for a market share of 75%, but also the future of domestic manufacturers or the future direction of the government's efforts. If the domestic enterprises are not able to enter into the four categories of the mainstream market, struggling in the remaining 25% small market, especially the analog circuit made a great breakthrough in the mobile phone chip standard circuit as the representative, but now how to solve the problem of CPU memory, with the advent of the era of big data, including the development of the 4 industry, PIC programming devices need a lot of memory, the memory is the product of the fastest growing, how to solve the problem of CPU memory will be a big challenge.
In the product mix, the domestic supply point of view, it should be said that the association is also the thirteenth consecutive, 14 years. Not very pessimistic, 04 years China tenth large enterprises is 170 million yuan, now tenth enterprises is 1 billion 700 million yuan, if an industry, the backbone of the enterprise can be over ten times, twenty times ten years, for the development of enterprises is not hard but a thriving market, the rapid development of the market.
Strengthening demand traction and expanding the emerging market: market analysis of the 8 major industries. Promote the 8 areas mentioned in the outline of the market prospects for the following major industries one interpretation.
Smart grid, energy, transport, from storage, distribution and use, a series of industrial links can enhance the effect of the integrated circuit chip scheme, last year, the domestic smart grid bidding amount is greatly improved, this year is estimated to exceed one hundred million, accounting for 6/1000 trillion yuan. Eight areas, only one enterprise to seize the one or two markets, you can achieve rapid development of enterprises.
Intelligent transportation, with the city's congestion problem highlights, intelligent traffic is very hot. Statistics, last year is nearly 50 billion, the future will remain nearly 20% growth rate, which form part of the intelligent transportation, including vehicle control, parking lot fee, public transportation scheduling, the sensor or the image acquisition chip or, there will also be huge

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