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China's integrated circuit industry how to detours? Equipment materials play a key role!

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With the development of technology, integrated circuit has entered the era of the industrial chain collaboration, cooperation and innovation of each technology node all cannot do without the IC design, manufacturers, advanced packaging equipment, materials, and other enterprises. Since the "Chinese national integrated circuit industry promotion program" (hereinafter referred to as the "advance program") after the release, is a round of industry boom, but it also cannot do without the rapid and healthy development of enterprises with the parties. As the world's leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer, it has been in China for 30 years since 1984, and has been accompanied by the growth of China's IC industry. With the future of industrial integration deepening, how will the company applied materials in technology research and development, personnel training and supply chain solutions, providing innovative equipment, advanced technology and professional software support services for China semiconductor industry?
Reduce detours equipment factory can do a lot of things
In 2014 the state issued to promote the development of the integrated circuit industry to promote the "Outline", put forward to design as the leading, based on manufacturing, equipment and materials to support, to break the bottleneck of industrial development, promote the integrated circuit industry breakthroughs and overall improvement, plans to 2015 IC industry sales revenue over 350 billion yuan by 2020; integrated circuit the industry with the international advanced level of the gap is gradually narrowing, industry wide annual sales growth of more than 20%; in 2030 the main part of the integrated circuit industry chain to reach the international advanced level. Now, however, the integrated circuit industry has entered the era of industrial chain cooperation, a single process IP are solidified on the device, and the development of the forward module process IP. Equipment is the cornerstone of IC development. It can be said that equipment manufacturers are increasingly involved in many aspects of integrated circuit production, has become the key to the successful development of China's integrated circuit.
In this regard, the application materials China company president Zhang Tianhao said: "China is accelerating the development of the integrated circuit industry, how to reduce the detours? Equipment factory can do a lot of things, but also willing to participate in the development of equipment factory China IC industry. With the development of technology, equipment suppliers will play a more and more important role in the upstream and downstream industry chain. Meanwhile, the requirements of the technical research and development and customer service will also be higher. Applied materials will play a technical advantage in precision materials engineering, continue to work with the industry, through continuous technological innovation to help customers achieve greater success."
According to Zhang Tianhao introduction, application of semiconductor material is the first to enter the foreign Equipment Manufacturing Company China market, since 1984 to enter the China, applied materials, has been accompanied by Chinese integrated circuit development, has become one of the China semiconductor production equipment in the field of top suppliers. "Awarded by Chinese Semiconductor Industry Association" overseas investment Chinese top ten most influential semiconductor enterprises "title, as well as from SMIC, Wuhan new core famous enterprises such as the" outstanding supplier "and" best contribution award "and other awards."
Close to customers to provide customized services
China has become the world's largest IC market. According to ICInsights data, China's market demand for integrated circuits has accounted for about 30% of global market demand. Judging from the current production capacity, 12 inch wafer production capacity of China's larger gap. The huge market demand, the limitations of the process and technology, make the mainland has become the new hot spot for investment China, semiconductor manufacturing recently, SMIC, Huali micro, Wuhan Xinxin, UMC had in Chinese, new 12 inch wafer production line plan.
The construction of the new line is not simply the device into so simple, the need for complex debugging process, the need for a full range of equipment factory." Zhang Tianhao said, "in this regard, applied materials, with global resources and experience, can provide customized services, technical support and solutions for the global advanced Chinese customers, to help customers solve the difficult technical challenges. In order to maintain close cooperation with customers, applied materials company in Xi'an to set up a global development center, becoming the first batch of high-tech Industrial Development Zone in Xi'an, one of the multinational investment. The establishment of China headquarters in Shanghai, the establishment of business and service centers in Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Suzhou, Wuxi and other places, these investment projects reflects the company close to the customer value, with strong technical strength in the precision of material engineering, semiconductor, flat panel display and energy manufacturing industry to provide innovative equipment, advanced technology and the professional software support."
Scientific and technological personnel training is a must do
Unbalanced development is one of the important issues in China's semiconductor industry. According to the China Semiconductor Industry Association statistics, in 2014 China's IC industry sales of 301 billion 540 million yuan. Among them, the fastest growth in the design industry, sales of 104 billion 740 million yuan, an increase of 29.5%. China also has a good foundation in the field of packaging and testing, but there is a big gap in manufacturing and equipment. These gaps are related to the environment of China's IC industry. Because of the characteristics of integrated circuit is the need for skilled personnel with high quality, so the training of scientific and technical personnel, has become an urgent task for the development of the integrated circuit industry.
In this regard, Zhang Tianhao said: "in addition to working closely with local business partners and customers, the application of materials companies also join hands with China's leading R & D institutions, to develop cutting-edge technologies and solutions, in science and technology

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