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Discussion on improving the quality of electronic ceramics and ceramics

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Among the electric material co Vacuum Electronics and special metal materials branch years will be successfully ended, this reporter made a branch of the Secretary General Gao Longqiao interview: "what do you think is the biggest harvest? What is the most prominent hot spot?" Gao replied: "that is, at the meeting to discuss the impact of raw materials on the electronic ceramics and their impact on the metallization of ceramics, in this regard than in previous years, the general assembly are discussed more detailed, more in-depth, more harvest."
The annual meeting of Vacuum Electronics and special metal materials branch was held in Ji'nan in spring from October 18, 2012 to 21. The meeting of more than 130 industry entrepreneurs, technical experts and representatives gathered, technical problems, on the current development of the industry to carry out in-depth exchanges in the areas of product development and research results. At the meeting, Al2O3, Mo and other powder materials on the performance of electronic ceramics, ceramic metallization and manufacturing technology to improve the impact of the problem, has become the central topic of discussion at the meeting.
At the meeting, China's ceramic metal experts, Beijing Institute of Vacuum Electronics Professor Gao Longqiao titled as "molybdenum powder and Ceramic Metallization Technology", do high level report. In the report, he described the evolution of ceramic metallization and the importance of Mo powder in the metallization. In this paper, the main problems and suggestions for improvement of Mo powder are reviewed, and several testing methods of Mo powder and their comparison are introduced. Study on the Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute of powder metallurgy and special materials, Beijing Road Star Hondar Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Kunshan power vacuum electric Co. Ltd., Beijing Institute of Vacuum Electronics four units of Zhou Zenglin and other ten experts and technical staff to write the "impact" of new technology on the molybdenum powder processing quality of 95% alumina ceramics of metal in this report, sharing meeting with delegates. This study, through a variety of means such as laser particle size analysis of different process of molybdenum powder particle size and its distribution, particle morphology, apparent density, oxygen content, phase composition, surface metallization paste layer, metal layer and metal layer interfacial structure, sealing strength and tightness etc.. Therefore, a new process for treating molybdenum powder is put forward. The molybdenum powder was treated by this technology, and it was applied to the metallization of ceramics, and the improvement of the process of slurry and screen printing was obtained. Chairman of Shandong Kunpeng new materials Polytron Technologies Inc Li Junyuan in the General Assembly on the impact of various properties of alumina powder on the quality of electronic ceramics made in-depth discussion.
In the United States and the United States invited to participate in the seminar for many years engaged in the study of alumina, China the Great Wall Aluminum Co., Ltd. Dr. Sun Zhiang at the meeting also made a study of the relationship between the quality of alumina powder and electronic ceramics. The influence of Al2O3 on the quality and technology of electronic ceramics was discussed from the aspects of activity, particle size and shape.
This year will also arrange a certain amount of time in the General Assembly on behalf of the interaction, free discussion. One of the two main topics of the free discussion is: "the main problems and solutions of the commonly used powders (Al2O3, Mo, Ni, etc.)". On this issue will present the delegates have a heated discussion about each one airs his own views. Many delegates said: at present, domestic Al2O3 powder has the problems of consistency granularity is too coarse and impurities, sintering temperature instability caused by shrinkage performance is poor, these problems seriously hindered our country electronic ceramic product quality stability, improve technical level, urgently need to be resolved.
The theme of this study is clear, the academic atmosphere is rich, effective annual meeting, to the delegates a deep impression, a great harvest.

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