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National auto parts procurement fair 2016

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China Automobile Parts Fair authority Exhibition for China's auto parts industry's most influential, won the industry's approval, also won the praise of all cooperation in the host city, is currently China's largest auto parts industry exhibition scale, professional audience, most industry had the strongest effect top professional event. On April 18, 2016 -20, China largest and influential professional auto parts exhibition - the 2016 China Automobile Parts Fair & China Automobile Parts Fair in known as "the land of abundance" said the grand opening of Chengdu, as an important city of the Western influence is self-evident. According to official statistics, the total number of exhibitors has reached more than 2300, the exhibition area of 65 thousand square meters, professional exhibition audience of up to 60 thousand passengers.
Exhibition Overview 

Lai Ding electronic Mstar Technology Ltd has also been invited as the exhibitors of the exhibition, showing our own R & D and production of chip oxygen sensor chip and the whole, etc.. In order to make our comprehensive show to the domestic and foreign merchants and buyers, company executives and staff have made contributions to the exhibition before the start of a period of time for the exhibition before and after busy, to ensure the successful completion of the exhibition.
Through the exhibition, on the one hand reflects the strength of our company and the image of the enterprise, on the other hand to make the product better in front of the buyer. During the exhibition, customers in a continuous line, the company leadership and marketing staff for each customer to carefully explain, communicate with customers for our products show great interest in communication is very harmonious, after both sides have exchanged the name card, the convenience of contact. In general this exhibition is fruitful, won many market opportunities for cooperation, and to let more businesses know Lai Ding, understanding of our products, and let Lai Ding with customers to establish a trust relationship.

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