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      From the exhaust pipe to remove oxygen sensor, ventilation holes on the sensor shell check no plug, the ceramic core is damaged. If damaged, the oxygen sensor should be replaced.
      The fault can be judged by observing the color of the top part of th...Details>>

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      One, the common fault of automobile oxygen sensor
      The oxygen sensor failure, the electronic fuel injection system of computer can not get the oxygen concentration in the exhaust pipe, and therefore can not be on the air-fuel ratio feedback control...Details>>

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      Modern sensors vary in principle and structure, according to the measurement of the specific purpose, measurement object and measuring environment and rational selection of sensors, is measured in a certain amount of time the first problem to be solv...Details>>

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      As one of the sensors, oxygen sensor plays an indispensable role in the industry. Oxygen sensors are used in the fields of internal combustion engine, iron and steel industry, biology and food, chemical synthesis, industrial boiler burner,Details>>

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      Integrated circuit is the replacement of fast-paced, high technology products. From the current international market structure, the integrated circuit enterprises in the leading intellectual property right struggles, important IC products global indu...Details>>

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